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I’ve given Comcast (which has had 3 names since I opened the account) over ,000 in the last 20 years, not because I’ve been happy with the service, quite the contrary, but because they have a monopoly in my area and there are no other land cable / high speed internet providers available to me. Was the developer a high school kid just learning HTML? Well we’ve come this far and we’ve been just guessing for a while so, let’s press on.But the purpose of this post is not to just hammer on Comcast (that part’s just for fun), but to demonstrate a very poor web application design that negatively affects customer satisfaction, and therefore their bottom line, in the hopes that we software developers can use the experience I describe below as a reminder to take the extra time to do HFE – Human Factors Engineering. So most users would be dead in the water at this point but, as a hacker type, I did a bit of Google hacking to find another login control on the same part of the site and hope my authenticated status would hold – and it did. This would be a great place for me to actually change “TV 6” to “My Little Princess’s Room”. As a developer I know that, even though the Xfinity developer was to lazy to specify a default and too lazy to add any instructions to the almost blank form, I can probably find values in the drop down.🙂 So I’m playing with building a cross platform desktop scoring app for boxing events built on Electron from Git Hub. HTML Number Input didn’t do what I want because no matter how I sized the font of the number and its container, I couldn’t get the up/down spinner to scale with the text.

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For any server side application, we could live with the operating system best supported the development technology we selected.Before proceeding you may want to run the uninstaller “VBox Linux uninstall” to get to a clean state. Too bad the ones displayed in this web page don’t match any of the ones on the device I’m trying to activate.Then you want to add the Kali sources to your sources list. Now I have a picture in my head of my 76 year old Dad having an aneurysm just trying to get his damned TV to work 🙂 Since Xfinity hasn’t provided me any useful information to select the device I need to activate, I’ll take a guess.Think, for example, of an airline that creates an app. The purpose of the app is to increase customer use of their services (and therefore increase revenue) and increase customer satisfaction by allowing users to troubleshoot their own travel experience (and thereby decrease customer service costs by letting the customers solve their own problems without talking to a customer service representative.) Since, unlike the PC market, the mobile market (phone and tablet) has no clear leader in market share.

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If you want to reach most of your customers on their devices you MUST reach them on both Apple and Android devices.Comcast has historically been known as providing some of the absolutely worst customer service in America and I’ve personally experienced the the customer services reps who often seem like they are actively trying to infuriate their customers. Eventually I found my way back to the activation process. A detail I know, but the whole point of this post is the importance that customer experience and “Human Factors Engineering” can make. But, there are only a few error messages in the list, and the cable box not activated isn’t even one of them.

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